Benadble straw
04 Mar 2019 15:18:42

Fowa Bendable paper drinking straws


Here are the reasons for choosing our straw:

1.Made from FDA approved material: The glue and ink used in our Paper Straws is made from FDA approved materials ensuring that Paper Straws are food grade quality.

2.Safety: Paper being a softer material cannot cause damage or harm unlike plastic which is harder and sharper. It does not include any harmful dyes and coloring agents and can be served with both hot and cold beverages.

3.Cheaper than Steel: Stainless Steel Straws or Reusable Straws are a good alternative to plastic straws but often cost a lot more than Paper Straws

4.Colorful Party Straws: With a variety of prints, patterns and color options – Paper Straws are the perfect addition to your party.


After months of hard work, we have made a major breakthrough in the research and development of our bendy straw. It is more flexible,finished and cleaner !

Compared to the bendy straw made from USA or EU, we do have adsolute advantage in cost.

Usually ,the common size of paper bendable straw in the market is 6x197mm. However, we can make it in different specificaitions and individual rapped.