• Sustainability

We provide more sustainable packaging solution made from renewable or recylcled resources. All the carbon emissions assciated with the production, transport and disposal of our products are offset through the purchase of carbon credits.


• Innovation

We are an industry leader with a track record of delivering innovative and functional bio-based packaging solutions. Through ongoing research and development we are continually expanding and enhancing our product range.


• Quality

The Fowa brand and products are synonymous with quality and sustainbility . Manufactured using efficient high speed, automated production lines, in facilities certified to BSCI, ISO environmental, quality and food safety standards.


• Service

Our reply will be within 24hours. We are able to offer door to door service, like Australia, UK, USA and Dubai. When you need our assistance, Fowa is here. The moment  you confirm the order with us, until the cargo arrived your warehouse, we could operate the whole line.